Tim as C.S. Lewis in FREUD'S LAST SESSION

Timothy Nelson

Tim's budding acting career stopped abruptly at the end of high school and resumed only after he met Elizabeth Clark-Stern a decade or so ago. He has been in a number of ShrinkRapt Theater productions going back to NANA SOPHIA'S OASIS in 2009.  He performed most recently with ShrinkRapt as C.S. Lewis in FREUD'S LAST SESSION and as Papa Claudel in THE MOVEMENT OF THE MOON.


Tim is, among his many talents, an actor, voice actor, public speaker and writer, and threatens any day now to try his hand at stand up comedy.  He is giddy with excitement at the prospect of getting to work next summer on Nick Woltersdorf’s film production of HOW SOON IS NOW. In addition to working with his favorite acting troupe, ShrinkRapt Theater, Tim lends his voice to local and international brands such as Mercedes Benz, and has done voice acting for Seattle studios including Clatter and Din.  In addition to his work on the floorboards and behind the mic, Tim also does on-camera work for commercials and public service announcements. He has appeared on stage at Seattle’s Town Hall on multiple occasions interviewing writers such as evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, and has introduced several noted authors and political figures.  Tim holds a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University. He is managed by Tiffany Talent and can be reached at