Elizabeth as Edith Stein in TIMELESS NIGHT

Elizabeth Clark-Stern

Elizabeth Clark-Stern has spent many years writing for theater, film, and television. She served as story editor for the feature film, Heartland, and wrote and co-produced the documentary, Home From the Eastern Sea. Her produced plays and teleplays include All I Could See From Where I Stood, Help Wanted, To See the Elephant, Having Babies II, and Out of the Shadows: A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung.

This latter was performed in 2007 at the International Jungian Congress in Cape Town. In 2011, Out of the Shadows played in Seattle, followed by a performance in New Orleans for the Archetypal Theater Company in collaboration with the Jung Society, In each performance, the author returned to her first career as an actress, to play the role of Toni Wolff, with fellow actor/therapist, Rikki Ricard, as Emma Jung.


Other plays Elizabeth has published, produced, and performed in: On the Doorstep of the Castle, Timeless Night, and The Movement of the Moon. Click on a title for details of performance, cast, publication date, etc. For additional details, see Elizabeth's publication site

The author currently balances her artistic life with her work as a psychotherapist in Seattle. For more information, see her psychotherapy site