The Movement of the Moon
Camille Claudel: Life Phases of the Feminine
in Art, Madness, and Love

By Elizabeth Clark-Stern and Lindsey Rosen


From the Premiere Performance
Jan 29, 2016, at Seattle's Good Shepherd Chapel Theater

Directed by Elizabeth Clark-Stern and Lindsey Rosen, with Cast Collaboration
Choreography by Lindsey Rosen with collaboration from Laila Rosen

Cast in order of appearance:

CRONE, Camille Claudel in late life/afterlife . . . . Elizabeth Clark-Stern

MAMAN, Camille's mother, Louise-Athanaise Claudel . . . . Ann Blake

PAPA, Camille's father, Louis-Prosper Claudel . . . . Tim Nelson

PAUL, Camille's brother in adulthood . . . .  Kevin Filocamo

CAMILLE, Camille Claudel in adulthood . . . . Lindsey Rosen

MAIDEN, Camille Claudel in late childhood/early adolescence . . . . Laila Rosen

YOUNG PAUL, Camille's brother in late childhood/early adolescence . . . . Dylan Hansen



Time: 1879 - 1943. Settings: The Afterlife. The Asylum at Montdevergues, Villeneuve-sur Fere, France, the countryside of Camille's youth; the Paris studios of Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel. This is the story of Camille Claudel: the Maiden, the Woman, the Crone.


Best known to the world as the muse and lover of sculptor Auguste Rodin, she was a gifted artist in her own right who created sculptures of deep sensual spirituality. The relationships in her family proved crucial to Camille’s psychological development as she moved between the opposing forces of love and betrayal.


Even as she struggled with madness, she found a home for her soul in her beloved creations. From here we move to prose and poetic evocations of many essential themes of the feminine: motherhood, daughterhood, love, loss, experiences unique to the feminine body, experiences that transcend ordinary consciousness into the world of symbols and dreams.

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