Karlie at recording session for Alek Vila's album, "Gratitude World"

Karlie Markendorf

Karlie Markendorf is new to theater and is thrilled to wade into the waters of the archetypal dark feminine in the role of Salome.  She loves singing, painting, practicing yoga, creating chocolate confections, and spending time in nature. Over the past five years, she has uncovered a diva part of herself as an occasional performer at Tula’s Jazz Club in Seattle with Greta Matassa’s band under Greta’s tutelage. Her life has also been enriched by Seattle’s Small Pond song circle.


A Jungian-influenced psychotherapist in Seattle and Redmond, Karlie combines verbal therapy with art, yoga, dreamwork, and bilateral stimulation. Her career includes fourteen years as a therapist in psychiatric settings, teaching therapeutic yoga and conducting art therapy. Originally from Kansas, Karlie graduated from Colorado College (BA, 1992) and The University of Louisville (MA, 2000). 


She is grateful for the members of this cast, and family, friends, mentors, healers, and clients.