Lindsey as Alma de Leon in ON THE DOORSTEP OF THE CASTLE

Lindsey Rosen
Lindsey co-wrote, co-directed and choreographed THE MOVEMENT OF THE MOON (2016), acting the role of the adult Camille Claudel​, alongside her daughter Laila playing younger Camille. Lindsey choreographed and performed the role of Alma in ON THE DOORSTEP OF THE CASTLE (2012-2013) in Seattle and Copenhagen. She began her participation in ShrinkRapt Theater in 2009 with NANA SOPHIA'S OASIS.

Lindsey has combined her passions for dance/movement and psychology since 1986, working with girls and women, identity and expression through movement and the creative arts.  She received a psychology degree from the University of Michigan, where she performed with and directed Impact Dance Theater. She then earned a graduate degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from UCLA.  

Since moving to Seattle in 2005, Lindsey has grown a private psychotherapy practice while continuing to perform, choreograph and direct various dance and theater projects.  She offers workshops for Mothers and Adolescent Daughters, and yoga/movement workshops for clinicians.